Story – 3/10 Sexy Beach 3 is about ‘a stupid oblivious typical perverted Japanese anime male character with malicious perverted hidden intents’ on an isolated island with some hot babes. You train.

Sexy beach 3 is an open ended simulation game. You start at the Illusion Hotel Resort. In the hotel you are able to make a day pass, make a time of day pass or save your game. Once you are out of the hotel, you are able to date five female characters. On the left hand corner of the screen the game tracks the days you were on the island and the time of day it currently is. Info Sexy Beach 3.

Sexy Beach 3 (Sexyビーチ3 in Japanese) is the third game in the Sexy Beach series. During development, Illusion specifically chose characters from their roster of characters prior to 2006. An expansion was released called Sexy Beach 3 Plus. They also took fan input into consideration on their website during the development phase.

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Wow – diese Frau bezaubert! Sängerin Vanessa Mai (28) ist bekannt dafür, ihre Fans regelmäßig zu verzücken. Seien es.

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Wow – diese Frau bezaubert! Sängerin Vanessa Mai (28) ist bekannt dafür, ihre Fans regelmäßig zu verzücken. Seien es.

Sexy Beach 3 është një lojë e simulative publikuar dhe zhvilluar nga Ilusion Soft dhe e nxjerrur në treg më 29 shtator të vitit 2006. Loja në të vërtetë është seria e tretë e serive Sexy Beach të nxjerrura në treg deri më 2006. Më vonë pas lëshimit të lojës, Ilusion Soft do të nxirrte në treg edhe një paketë më të gjerë të lojës e quajtur Sexy Beach 3 Plus.

Sexy Beach 3 is an adult title sold exclusively in Japan. In the game, you take the role of some random guy who gets invited for a holiday on “Sexy Island”, a small vacation island populated.

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